Carterton Kindergarten

Working with you

Our programmes focus on providing experiences that will develop your child based on their interests and experiences.  Our teachers welcome the chance to talk with you about your child - and appreciate what you can share with them about your child's life outside kindergarten.

Being involved

Our philosophy reflects the importance placed on nurturing children to become confident & competent lifelong learners. A particular emphasis on revisiting learning supports children to view themselves as capable, self-directed learners. Positive relationships between children are fostered and teachers actively engage with children to extend their thinking and problem solving skills. We are innovative with information and communication technology (ICT) incorporating it into children's learning experiences. We also place a strong emphasis on literacy & numeracy learning.

Quality at kindergarten

At all our kindergartens the teaching team will provide  your child with a high quality learning experience.  Our team of Senior Teachers provides regular professional support to the teaching team as part of our quality approach .  Our kindergartens are regularly reviewed by the Education Review Office (ERO).  You can read the latest ERO report for this kindergarten here. 





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