Manaia Kindergarten

Working with you

Our programmes focus on providing experiences that will develop your child based on their interests and experiences.  Our teachers welcome the chance to talk with you about your child - and appreciate what you can share with them about your child's life outside kindergarten.

Being involved

We enjoy having families/whānau visiting our kindergarten - you are very welcome to stay during our sessions.  You may like to become involved as one of our parent helpers, or share a skill with the children.  Practical help with cleaning up, taking home washing, donating resources or joining in on working bees is much appreciated.  Please just talk with one of our teachers about how you can be involved. 

Quality at kindergarten

At all our kindergartens the teaching team will provide  your child with a high quality learning experience.  Our team of Senior Teachers provides regular professional support to the teaching team as part of our quality approach .  Our kindergartens are regularly reviewed by the Education Review Office (ERO).  You can read the latest ERO report for this kindergarten here.





53 South Road, Masterton



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   2015 Term Dates
Term 1 Jan 20 April 2
Term 2 April 20 July 3
Term 3 July 20 Sept 25
Term 4 Oct 12 Dec 18


Mon, Wed, Fri    8.15 - 12.45
Tues, Thurs       8.15 - 2.15


Jo McKay
06 377 4429
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Manaia Kindergarten

Manaia Kindergarten evolved as a new kindergarten in January 2012 as the result of a move onto Masterton Primary School grounds. 

We were previously known as Solway Kindergarten.  Our name was chosen to reflect the history of the area - Masterton Primary School was an old pa site and their chief was called Manaia.  Also, a well-known farming family, the Donalds farmed in the Solway area on Manaia Road.

We are uniquely placed to allow for children's seamless transition to school.

We are committed to providing an environment that acknowledges the bi-cultural heritage of Aoteroa.

Manaia Kindergarten is a place where children are encouraged to learn with and alongside others, develop social skills, become team players and develop a sense of fun!

We are responsive to the interests and needs of the children and feel that forming partnerships with parents, caregivers and extended families is always in their best interests.

We use the natural environment as much as possible for learning which provides for a variety of interesting individual and group interests (e.g. insect life)

A successful aspect of our learning programme is special feature days which teachers and children work together to implement

We are committed to...

  • Learning through a variety of means with children's interests as the starting point
  • Children's exploration, investigation and discovery
  • Helping develop children's social skills
  • Children trying new things
  • Children being creative, using their imagination and having fun
  • Children experiencing situations that have meaning for them

Our Teaching Team

We have 5 enthusiastic teachers who are fully qualified in early childhood education (ECE) and are ably supported by an administrator.


Head Teacher Jo McKay
Teaching Team

Jo Conaghan

Michelle Marriott

Judith Hunt

Carol Price


Lisa Nelson